Christine's Priorities for Oregon


I voted numerous times in the 2022 session to outlaw vaccine mandates and passports. Portland Democrats continuously voted in favor of these policies. If we do not stand up, these will become a reality in Oregon. Let’s make sure that people have information available, and then let them make the best choice for their own health care.

Back the Blue

I will stand up against efforts to defund law enforcement. Our communities value our police and sheriffs, not lawlessness and rioting. We all enjoy personal liberties, and when that is infringed upon by people who break the law, or when someone is in need of help, our citizens need confidence in knowing that law enforcement and first responders are there. Law and order must be upheld, and it is imperative that we make sure our departments are fully funded and able to operate at full scope.

Timber and Agriculture

Our natural resource lands have long been a primary economic and social pillar to House District 4. I offer a strong authentic voice to advocate for private property rights. Our farms, forests, and ranches are too often ignored in Salem when it comes to property and water rights. I will work to introduce legislation to strengthen property and water rights to protect our way of life.

Support the 2nd Amendment

I am a concealed weapon permit holder and a strong gun rights Legislator!

School Choice and Curriculum Transparency

Our schools are failing our kids. The Oregon public education system has ranked in the bottom 5 in the nation, and has consistently been leaving kids behind. We need to invest in career and technical education that will provide opportunities to succeed by giving students hands-on skills our economy desperately needs. We need innovative ways of making sure the money we spend on education gets to where it needs to be: our teachers and kids. The State provides the education resources from the General Fund, then our locally elected school board members and stakeholders of the community should be allowed to make the decisions impacting the education of children in our local school district.

Big Support for Small Business

I believe that the heart of our rural communities is small business; they are job creators, our neighbors, and our friends. It’s time to give them a hand up, remove obstacles to their success and let them do what they do best, employ people. As a business owner for 30 years, I know the impact of onerous regulations and excessive taxation. Creating an environment where businesses can thrive and grow will help keep our rural Oregon communities healthy. The ‘tax and regulate’ strategy of the legislature in recent years have only held business and innovation back. It has discouraged entrepreneurs from taking the risk to start a business. It’s time to open Oregon back up for business, while continuing to protect the rights of employees. We can have progress, protect jobs, and enjoy a booming economy all at the same time – what a concept!

A carbon tax on our businesses would be ruinous to our natural resource economy and not make a bit of difference to climate change.

Responsible Forest Management

Our forests need to be managed to sustain necessary wood products for all Oregonians. We can actively harvest timber, protect habitat, and mitigate for wildfires with common sense reforms. Trees are one of our great renewable commodities in Southern Oregon- and we grow trees really well! We have a great loggers, mills, and trucking. We can use known forestry science to sustain healthy forests for generations- and we must!

Don’t Portland our Oregon

Christine continues to push back against Portland policies that give more money, resources, and services to Portland disproportionately than the rest of the state.
I have fought against incredibly horrible policies that Portland legislators were shoving down all of Oregon this past session. We were able to shoot down many bad policies, but they keep on coming. I will fight, find new ideas, and work with my Republican colleagues to ensure that Portland does not push into Southern Oregon.

Balance – No more one-party rule

The last few decades have been defined by one-party rule. Oregon has not had a Republican Governor since 1987. Run- away spending, failed policies, and misplaced priorities have hurt Oregonians at every level. I want to make sure that your tax dollars go to the most effective projects and services, not on wasteful spending. We need fiscally responsible leadership and people who will make sure that common sense governs policy making. We need real people who have run businesses – that understands how business works – to lend a voice to lawmaking. This is my goal in the Oregon Legislature.

Transportation Improvements

A safe, reliable transportation system is the bedrock of Oregon’s economy. The movement of people and goods throughout the state is crucial, but faces significant challenges. Most of Oregon is rural and our roadways and state highways tend to not get the maintenance and attention they deserve. I will support bills that will help ensure equal maintenance and construction of roads for our rural communities, not just congested highways of Portland. Oregon’s aging bridges need serious attention. A nationwide trucker driver shortage means higher costs and delayed shipments across the board, while higher taxes and burdensome regulations continue to make Oregon one of the most expensive places to drive a truck, increasing the cost of goods for everyone. We need lawmakers that understand the importance of state agencies spending our hard-earned transportation taxes where they belong – on our state highways, roads, and bridges.

Government Overspending

Government in Salem has been overrun by Portland Liberals and their costly ‘equity’ agenda spending on every pet project they can think of, and it has to stop. Oregon is headed in the wrong direction with wasteful and partisan spending. I am a strong voice in State Legislature for keeping government accountable to Oregonians.